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D Diamond Jewelry

After dealing in the trade for more than 30 years, we decided to sell directly to the public.

Our company is a direct diamond importer. We travel several times a year around the world, mainly to Israel’s diamond exchange, in Tel Aviv, one of the largest diamond exchange centers on the globe. Our purpose in traveling is to buy merchandise directly from the cutter.

By importing in large quantities and directly from the source, we are able to purchase our stock for substantially less, and equally important, we have the opportunity to choose the best make of diamonds. We specialize in selling certified diamonds the industry’s standard. When doing business with us, you are dealing with a diamond importer and also a manufacturer of fine jewelry.

Our selections range from the classic pieces; eternity bands, diamond earrings, and engagement rings, to the “one in a million” pieces; fancy-colored diamonds, and very large stones. We receive a large price discount due to our volume manufacturing. Our company is the supplier, and our customers benefit when they buy directly from the source. Everything we sell is also 100% refundable, satisfaction is guaranteed.

What We Sell

In addition to our unique inventory of loose diamonds inventory, we specialize in designing one of a kind jewelry. We are always traveling to most jewelry shows and our inventory is constantly updated.